Bar De-coiling and Straightening Machine

Bar De-coiling and Straightening Machine

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Bar De-coiling and Straightening Machines are designed for steel mills, building construction, and allied industries. They are used for round steel, ribbed steel, hot/cold rolled rebar, etc. We design & engineer perfect machines that have high traction speed and straightening stability. They work in a better, continuous & safe way. The machines perform for different lengths and diameters. Our Bar De-coiling & Straightening Machine is specifically engineered to straighten strong round steels. They are used in steel manufacturing, cold forming, and other applications.


1) Accurate straightening and assure defect-free outputs.
2) High speed cutting system & good control.
3) Superior, safe & constant output.
4) Designed for easy operation, high capacity & reliability.
5) Excellent drive system for pulling/de-coiling/straightening.